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Planning for a changing countryside Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Planning for a changing countryside - Essay Example e in rural areas enjoying significantly higher incomes than urban areas.In many ways the rural economies have been developing along the same lines as the urban economies. A rural area can be defined to be an area that has a few population. The collection of people and activities in this area is limited, hence making it to be the total opposite of an urban centre or economy (NATO Advanced Research Workshop on the Role of Biodiversity Conservation in the Transition to Rural Sustainability, & LIGHT, 2004, 96). Therefore when discussing the rural economy of England, we are going to look at the less densely populated areas which is believed to have few economic activities being carried on. The key drivers of economic growth in regionalised rural economies in England are numerous. The first key driver of economic growth in the region is farming. In spite of the known fact that farming nowadays does not form the backbone of rural economies, to some extent it still matters in the regionalised rural areas. This is because most farmers have been advised to use new technologies while farming different products and this has encouraged a lot of farmers to practice farming in the region. Farming in the rural economy of England has led to development of farming industry in different areas around the country. With the growth of an industry, economic activities within the region are promoted as individuals find themselves interacting through such things like trade (GREAT BRITAIN. 2006, 202). Moreover, farming has also encouraged the government to formulate policies which guarantees citizens the future of food even in difficult situations. The polices formulated have worked along way in ensuring that both the food and farming industry functions as one, therefore assuring the citizens of the supply of food chain within the society. In addition, farmers have also been advised by the government and other parties concerned on the best practices to select when competing in a highly

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Map of the occupied Germany Essay Example for Free

Map of the occupied Germany Essay The map presented above has been reproduced from Wikimedia Commons. It shows the four zones which were occupied by Great Britain, France, the United States, and the USSR. It also shows the location of Berlin well inside the Russian zone. The inset shows how the city of Berlin was divided among the four occupiers. Just by looking at the geographical location of Berlin, one could immediately see that the carriers of supplies (like food, medicine, and fuel) which were coming from the western zone and meant for the residents of the western sectors of Berlin had to traverse through a significant portion of the Russian zone before they could reach their destination. The Berlin Blockade, therefore, threatened the very survival of the Berliners who were living in the western sectors. This was realized by Stalin who exploited the situation in order to exert pressure on the western powers into renegotiating the German problem. This was what worried Governor Clay. He was well aware that the 2. 5 million residents of the western sectors could not survive longer than five weeks without new shipments of supplies. The blockade first surprised then confused the officials of the western powers. British foreign minister Bevin declared that despite the blockade, they should go forward with the plan of creating a West German state. Military Governor Clay recommended the use of an armored convoy to transport supplies through the Russian zone. However, his recommendation was turned down for fear that it would provoke a war with the USSR. In the end, the suggestion of Bevin to airlift the supplies was favored (Wilde). The planes carrying the supplies would fly over the Russian zone using the three air corridors which were opened under an agreement with the Russians after the war. These were: the â€Å"Frankfurt/Main-Berlin air corridor, the Hannover/Bueckeburg-Berlin air corridor, and the Hamburg-Berlin air corridor† (Berlin Information Group). On July 2, 1948, British Lt. General Brian K. Robertson conferred with the leaders of the United States and France after which he demanded the lifting of the Berlin Blockade. However, on July 14, the USSR responded by saying that the United States, Great Britain, and France had lost their right to stay in Berlin. The Russian response also justified the blockade by stating that its objective was the protection of the â€Å"economy of the [S]oviet zone. † According to the Russians, the creation of a West German state and the issuance of a new currency violated the agreements of the â€Å"Big Four† with regards the occupation of Germany. Hence, by violating the agreement, Russians claimed that the United States, Great Britain, and France effectively rendered their right to take part in the occupation and administration of Berlin null and void. The Russians also emphasized that since Berlin was located inside the Russian zone, all of Berlin (including the western sectors) belonged to the Russian zone. The western powers reacted to the Russian allegations during a meeting among the delegations of the United States, Great Britain, and France which started on July 15. Their joint response stated that â€Å"Threats, pressure or other actions† could not pressure them into leaving Berlin. On July 17, William J. (Wild Bill) Donovan, a former Major General who was the director of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during the war, declared that â€Å"The place to make a stand against Russia is right here in Berlin. This is not a Cold War. It is Hot as Hell† (The Berlin Airlift Veterans Association).

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How to Write a Last-minute Essay -- Expository Process Essays

How to Write a Last-minute Essay In high school I was assigned a number of essays to write. With each essay came a lengthy period of time when I was to brainstorm, develop a thesis, piece together an introduction, craft supporting arguments, and deliver an exemplary conclusion. After several attempts at stretching out this process over the allotted time, I discovered that it was to my advantage if I saved the entire project until the last day or two and raced myself against the deadline clock. What resulted in almost all my efforts were pieces of writing that used my creative talent and focused my incessant desire to write into a clear essay. Now that I am taking a college composition course, I feel that the skill of writing a quality last-minute essay under pressure should be shared with my companions in the world of college writing. To successfully piece together a last-minute essay, a topic must be selected and agreed upon before sitting down to write. This ensures that the writer can stay mentally focused and be able to concentrate solely on writing the essay. Once the to...

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Public transport

Are there more advantages or disadvantages to this change? In many countries around the world there is considerable debate about the role of public transport. One suggestion that is commonly put forward is that it should be made free of charge. My belief is that while this policy might be difficult to implement in practice, there are at least two strong reasons for considering it.The ne significant problem with making public transport free of charge is financial. Councils and local governments need sufficient revenue not only to pay bus drivers and other ancillary staff, but also to maintain the transport infrastructure. There is a real danger that allowing people to travel for free would deprive transport authorities of much needed funds and lead to a lower standard of service. This financial difficulty in free public transport is counterbalanced by a potential benefit to the nvironment.The fact that so many people use cars nowadays means that our cities are suffer from rising level s of pollution from car exhaust emissions. One way to address this problem would be to encourage more people to use buses and trains by abolishing fares. If more commuters chose to travel to work on public transport, our cities would almost certainly be cleaner places to live in. Another way in which free public transport could improve our quality of life relates to congestion.Currently, the trend is for increasing numbers of people to choose to drive to work. This means that in many cases the rush hour is several hours long and it is sometimes almost impossible to travel across a city. It is probable that this level of congestion would be reduced by making public transport free. My conclusion is then that there are more advantages than disadvantages to free public transport, but this policy may be financially impossible to implement.

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The No Child Left Behind Act - 1683 Words

1. What is the basic meaning of the term data-supported (or data-driven) instruction? Data-driven instruction means teaching needs to be based on data. The No Child Left Behind Act holds schools and districts responsible for student’s achievement, which implemented schools to collect, store, and manipulated data to modify the instructions. Teachers are held responsible for student reaching their goals. The teacher is able to show improvement by using the data that is collected. In attention, the teacher is about to use the data to show improvement. The data could also be used to modify instructions. The teacher is able to use the collected data to modify instruction to meet the students’ needs. For example, if the teacher is collecting†¦show more content†¦2. What did you learn in the program you are now completing, including in student teaching, about the use of data-supported instructions? Which courses were most helpful in this regard? In the program that I currently completing the course that I believe was most helping in teaching us the use of data-supported instructions was EDSE 640 assessment of individual differences. This course helped the students learn how to diagnose a problem by giving the students pre-tests. After collecting the data of the pre-tests the teacher would need to work on the R-M/C-A, which stand for remediate, modify, compensate and avoid. The first step in R-M-C-A, remediate is for the problem to be fixed. It is not always possible to fix the problem because sometimes there is a need for accommodation. However, this is the first step a teacher or any person responsible of the student must take when addressing a problem. For example, a student is struggling to understand how to add and subtract numbers in math the teacher presents the lesson by using an auditory and visual teaching approach. A way to fix the problem is to use a different approach that will help the student grasp the informat ion. For example using a kinesthetic style may help the student understand how to add and subtract. This is a way to fix the problem it isn’t quite modifying the lesson or material because

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Human Resource Development ( Hrd ) - 1039 Words

INTRODUCTION Coaching is a purposeful connection with another human that supports immediate change and stimulates long term sustainable results (Mann, S., Smith, S., 2015, p.36) Many organizations are turning to coaching and mentoring programs to develop talent. These programs connect the value of internal employee resources to develop others, which saves time, cost, and increases overall employee satisfaction and productivity. However, it can really help engage individuals and develop their agility as well as ability to learn: a key indicator of leadership performance and potentials. Human Resource Development (HRD) has become the main framework for assisting employees in developing their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. Coaching is important to HRD because its main focus is developing a superior workforce in order for the organization and its employees to be able to accomplish their goals through the employees. Companies and organizations who actively try to ensure that their employees are stimulated and properly developed have a low turnover rate. REASONS FOR COACHING I chose coaching because every individual has the potential to grow and develop in the right environment and coaching can be used as a tool to support this development. In addition, Coaching is a professional partnership between a qualified coach and an individual or team that supports the achievement of extraordinary results, based on goals set by the individual or team.Show MoreRelatedHuman Resource Development : Hrd1607 Words   |  7 PagesHuman resource development well known as HRD, is a rough draft for helping employees mature their individual and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. Human Resource Development contains many opportunities for â€Å"employee training, employee career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, key employee identification, tuition assistance, and organization development.† Human resources take the part of a vital role in developing a business’sRead MoreHuman Resource Development ( Hrd )1324 Words   |  6 PagesHuman Resource Development (HRD) is a function of an organization aims to provide the benefits to stakeholders especially to employees, society and organization or employer. The purpose of establishing HRD department within the organizations is to provide the personal development opportunities to staff for their career by offering them mentoring, personal planning, professional training, education, and so on, which could contribute in their personal development and ensure proper functioning of theRead MoreHuman Resource Development ( Hrd )1415 Words   |  6 PagesHuman Resource Development (HRD) is the process of providing training and learning, for both career and organisational development, to improve overall effectiveness (Noe and Winkler, 2012). Business today is achieved in a highly networked world, where employees are a vital asset (Balakrishnan Srividhya, 2007). HRD is concerned with the development of human capital for the benefit of both the employees and the organisation (Balakrishnan Srividhya, 2007). It is inevitable that different levelsRead MoreHuman Resource Development ( Hrd )2136 Words   |  9 PagesHuman Resource Development (HRD) is the driving force behind any prospering business. It is the compass that calculates the direction in which the business will need to take based on the available resources, people, and short and long term goals to achieve its mission. HRD gives the organisation guidance on how to create strategic advantage over competitors in the market through the use of training and development provided to its employees to increase their knowledge, skills, education, and abilitiesRead MoreHuman Resource Development (HRD) which is any process over the activity that is of a short term or800 Words   |  4 PagesHuman Resource Development (HRD) which is any process over the activity that is of a short term or over the long term. It has the potential to develop the work-knowledge, expertise, productivity, and satisfaction of the adults. It focuses on benefiting the personal as well as the group. Additionally benefits the organization, community and the whole of humanity. In the Human Resource Development framework, there are four stages which consisted of Need assessment, Design, Implementation and lastlyRead MoreDescribe the Human Resource Development (Hrd) Process and Critically Examine How Hrd Programmes Can Help Organisations and Its Employees to Remain Competitive in Their Business.2719 Words   |  11 Pagesinvestment in human capital. In a speech by Lee, Y.S (2007) he mentioned that an Economist’s article survey showed that attracting and retaining talent is the number one priority. Many organizations having realized that, in order to be ahead of their competitors, they have to constantly learning how to maximize out from the employees to achieve the organization strategic business objectivities. With the realization of the importance of the employees, it has made a significant impact on the human resourceRead MoreHistory of Hrd in India1112 Words   |  5 PagesHistory of HRD in India    | It was 25 years ago that our country witnessed the emergence of a new HRD culture in our country with Prof Udai Pareek and Prof T.V.Rao heading the movement.    What started as a Review Exercise of the Performance Appraisal System for Lamp;T by two consultants, Prof Udai Pareek and Prof T.V. Rao from the Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), resulted in the development of a new function - The HRD Function.      In the early seventies, this companyRead MoreHuman Resource Development Essay1671 Words   |  7 PagesHuman Resource Development (HRD) is often seen to be a central feature of SHRM. Discuss the role and importance of HRD in achieving SHRM organizational outcomes. Introduction Learning and development in the context of organizational development is having an essential role in achieving strategic human resourcing outcome. From attraction and retention, to development and utilisation of human capital, Human Resource Development (HRD) is the centre of strategic focus in HRM. This essay aims to presentRead MoreThe Relationship Between Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development976 Words   |  4 Pagesthe Relationship Between Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development Diana Williams National American University Understanding the Relationship Between Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development Human resource management (HRM) is the umbrella under which all other human resource activities are found. Some of the major activities under the umbrella are: benefits and compensation, health safety and security, human resource planning, staffing, equal employmentRead MoreThe Similarities Of Adult Education ( Ae ) And Human Resource Development819 Words   |  4 PagesEducation (AE) and Human Resource Development (HRD) out weigh the differences. Both AE and HRD seek learning that advances the ability of individuals to improve and progress, which is the main objective of both. The fact that both seek to advance the abilities of individuals through learning there is no doubt in my mind that AE can provide a foundation. An important foundation that HRD can take from AE is the control it provides a learner over his or her own self-determination instead of HRD only focusing

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Hindu Temple And Yoga Service - 1499 Words

From the Hindu Temple and Yoga service, surprisingly, the people I interviewed had a lot of similarities in their thoughts and responses. For Hinduism, rituals consist of visiting the Hindu Temple to chant prayers and participate in events such as singing Kirtans, songs in praise of God. Radhika Ramesh and Raje Sathasivam both stated they attend Hindu rituals because it helps them to connect with their religion and their community; most of the devotees can converse in Indian language and connect with each other since people share the same heritage and culture. Through this connection, I feel the dimension of ritual and aesthetic are the most important to the interviewees. The ritual dimension is evident as families or individuals can†¦show more content†¦From Hinduism, I realized that religion plays a pivotal role for people since there are prayers and rituals for each and every aspect of everyday life and special occasions. Religion not only connects people to their Gods, b ut it also connects people spiritually through gatherings at the temple. According to yoga instructor Lynne Boucher and Julie Tette, people oftentimes take part in yoga as a means to become calm, peaceful, and centered through physical movement. The yoga service that I attended was offered for Dance Team members as team bonding day right before our competition. For yoga, I think the ritual and emotional dimension is most important for the interviewees. The emotional dimension is strongly present since yoga is primarily about self-reflection of one’s own emotions such as love, stress, or fear. During yoga, Mrs. Boucher guided our thoughts us by asking us to reflect about what our biggest fears are for the upcoming competition. Mrs. Boucher also guided our session by telling us think about the stresses that occur within the dance team; then as we acknowledged our stresses, she told us to breathe out and let go of worries, pressures, and anxieties. For the ritual dimension of yo ga, it plays a central role since it consists of collectively gathering to support each other in a spiritual and physical way. When we held the tree pose, we realized how hard it was told hold the pose by ourselves. Then as we were instructed to utilize each other for